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Kamakura Fireworks

Kamakura Fireworks

Michael Groen

Kamakura Fireworks are known for their speciality “underwater fireworks”. which explodes in the water, creating a beautiful, c..

Kanagawa, Yuigahama Beach Friday - Jul 10th 2 Free
Kawasaki Warehouse 11

Kawasaki Warehouse

Chris Barnes

The Kawasaki Warehouse is a gaming center complete with a recreation of the famous Kowloon Walled City. As you enter through t..

Kanagawa 11
Mt. Oyama - Great Day Hike

Mt. Oyama - Great Day Hike

David Hallman

A great day hike that offers flexibility for all skill levels. Beautiful views, a cable car shrine, temple, and traditional crafts..

Kanagawa 4
Yokohama's 'Sparkling Twilight'

Yokohama's 'Sparkling Twilight'

Steve Morton

Come and experience ‘Sparkling Twilight’, Yokohama’s newest fireworks display. Soak up the great scenery and atmosphere in thi..

Kanagawa, Yamashitacho Jul 14th - Jul 15th 2 Free