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Kawasaki Warehouse

The Kawasaki Warehouse is a gaming center complete with a recreation of the famous Kowloon Walled City. As you enter through the sliding door, you find yourself in a red

Tokyo-Wan Ferry from Yokosuka

The Tokyo Wan Ferry is a car ferry operator servicing Kanagawa Prefecture and Chiba Prefecture. It’s a 40-minute cruise that crosses Tokyo Bay from Kurihama Port to Kanaya Port offering scenic views of the ocean, peninsula, and sunset. Discover some exciting attractions in the Boso Peninsula of Chiba today!

Le Soleil Amusement Park, Yokosuka

Le Soleil (or Soleil Nooka Park) is a French-inspired park located in the southwest tip of Yokosuka City in the Miura peninsula. Enjoy the gardens, amusement park style activities, the farm, foot onsens, and more. Fun for all ages!