Nov 9th
Dec 25th
The Dai Nagoya Building's Sky Garden (Photo: KKPCW/ CC By SA 4.0)
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Dai Nagoya Winter Illumination

Add a little love and light to your holiday season

Venue: Dai Nagoya Building When: Nov 9th - Dec 25th 2022

The Dai Nagoya Winter Illumination takes place on the 5th floor Sky Garden of the Dai Nagoya Building. This year's event will have a love theme, with the likes of bright red roses alongside illuminated heart and ribbon motifs. The building's B1F and 3F atriums will also be decorated, adding plenty of cheer to the colder months.

There will also be an Instagram photo contest this year for those who are attending - prizes will be awarded to those who upload photos using the event hashtags. Details about the competition can be found on the official event website.

Getting there

The Dai Nagoya building is located just three minutes on foot from Nagoya Station, which is served by a number of lines including the Tokaido Shinkansen line, the Tokaido Main Line, and the Chuo Main Line.

For those who plan to drive, paid on-site parking is available for up to 136 vehicles.

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Elena Lisina a year ago
So beautiful! I hope to visit Nagoya some day.
Kim Author a year ago
It's a nice city - not too big - and just has a good atmosphere, I think!
Lynda Hogan a year ago
It looks really pretty.