Shirakawa Park

Pretty park in central Nagoya

By Todd Wojnowski    - 1 min read

Shirakawa Park is a nice place in the center of Nagoya that has a lot going on. There are plenty of trees and benches so you can enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors, as well as some pretty fountains, bridges, works of art, and spaces for games and activities. In the north part of the park is the Nagoya City Science Museum, a modern-looking building with a cafe attached to it. On the east side is the Nagoya City Art Museum, with lots of interesting sculptures and artworks displayed around the building. Also, the beautiful Osu Kannon Temple is nearby. As with many Japanese parks, there is a lack of open green space that many people associate with a "park," but Shirakawa Park is certainly a center of activity and a nice place to visit. It's a short walk from Osu Kannon Station (Tsurumai Line) or Fushimi Station (Tsurumai, Higashiyama Lines).

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