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Photo: Bob Fisher / Unsplash
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2024 Grand Sumo Tournaments

Your guide to Japan’s six annual sumo competitions

Sumo is an ancient sport, and although its exact origin date is unknown, sumo figurines have been uncovered that date back to the Kofun Period (between the third and seventh centuries). Sumo evolved into its present form during the Edo Period (1603–1868).

Today, sumo is recognized as Japan’s national sport and retains much of its traditional roots, making it a unique and insightful Japanese event to observe.

The next Grand Sumo Tournament is July 14–July 28, 2024. Tickets went on sale from May 25, 2024 at 10:00am.

Grand Sumo Tournaments

Photo: Alessio Roversi / Unsplash

Every year, the Japan Sumo Association hosts six Grand Sumo Tournaments, or honbasho, and each competition lasts 15 days. Tokyo hosts three of these tournaments, and the remaining three are held in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. The rankings of the sumo wrestlers (rikishi) are recorded on a banzuke, or ranking chart, and a group of sumo judges adjusts the list after every tournament in accordance with the wrestlers’ performances. There are six sumo divisions, with the top division being Makuuchi and the second division being Juryo. By winning bouts at the Grand Sumo Tournaments, sumo wrestlers can rise through the ranks.

Grand Sumo Tournaments schedule

The six annual sumo tournaments are listed below — for events that have passed, we show the dates for the following year's edition.

Tournament Venue Tickets available from Sumo ranking announced
Kokugikan (Tokyo) Dec 7, 2024 Dec 23, 2024
EDION Arena Osaka (Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium) Feb 8, 2025 Feb 25, 2025
Kokugikan (Tokyo) Apr 5, 2025 Apr 28, 2025
Dolphins Arena (Nagoya) May 25, 2024 Jul 1, 2024
Kokugikan (Tokyo) Aug 10, 2024 Aug 26, 2024
Fukuoka Kokusai Center (Fukuoka) Sep 14, 2024 Oct 28, 2024

If you would like to witness these Grand Sumo Tournaments yourself, you can easily purchase tickets online. Just remember that you can only buy tickets after the pre-sale date in the table listed above.

See Grand Sumo Tournaments schedule for 2025.

Dive deep into sumo

Guide to Sumo at the Kokugikan

Guide to Sumo at the Kokugikan

Maximize your enjoyment of your visit to the sumo in Tokyo's Ryogoku area, and discover what goes on inside the Kokugikan.

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