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One City, Two Worlds: A Virtual Journey to the Outskirts of Tokyo

Take a trip through Tokyo’s enchanting mountainous area to the west

It’s time to leave the sparkling cityscape of Tokyo and discover another side of the metropolis where trees replace skyscrapers and rivers replace roads. West of Tokyo lies a wilderness that is rich in nature and, unexpectedly, still within Tokyo limits.

Hop off the train and jump into adventure and charm; hiking, swimming, and oodles of outdoor activities await just one hour beyond Tokyo. If you haven’t the time to venture far during your time in Japan, then this might be the perfect escape. Join the One City—Two Worlds adventure and explore the Tama region of Tokyo for yourself.

Photo: Tokyo Urayama Wonderland

What is Tama?

The Tama region awaits visitors to the west of the sprawling Tokyo metropolis. The suburban area is well known for Sanrio Puroland theme park, but it’s got a lot more than Hello Kitty and friends. A popular destination for daytrippers seeking to leave city hustle and bustle behind—breathe in the deep natural charms of Tama and discover a new way to recharge.


Akiruno City is Tokyo as you’ve never seen it before. The Akigawa Valley is alive with nature and beautiful seasonal vistas. In summer, you can cool down at Tokyo Summerland water park. There are also other sightseeing spots—like Ishibune Bridge and Otake Limestone Caves—where you can see more facets of Akiruno. Let this wondrous city enchant your senses.


The small mountain village of Hinohara has around 2,000 residents and is famous for waterfalls, hot springs, and verdant forests. Hinohara is dominated by its natural surroundings but still today, visitors can see for themselves the lasting footprint of the past at Kuzuryu Shrine and Hinohara Castle Ruins.

Explore Tama from home

If you need a bigger push to really entice you to take that first step toward the Tama region, join along in our guided virtual event to explore all the best that Akiruno and Hinohara have to offer.

From temple café and silk-making experiences, traditional Japanese inns, and cycling through a wild valley, this virtual event will make sure that you’re ready for a dream-come-true trip to the Tama region.

Follow Along: Tama Highlights

Hinohara: Temple Café Shu’un

This serene temple café is maintained daily by monks who ensure the pattern in the gravel respects nature and embodies meditation. The Zen rock garden is a major attraction for visitors seeking peace and a change of perspective.

Akiruno: Itokobo Mori, silk-dyeing experience

At Itokobo Mori, you’ll experience a dyeing method called dorozome, which attempts to achieve mud-like black, brown, and gray tones. The demonstration of products from the past and the modern machine used to dye the silk thread is both fascinating and educational.

Hinohara: Kabutoya Ryokan, a traditional inn

Venture inside a gassho-zukuri (traditional steep, thatch-roofed house) that dates back 400 years. The architecture was designed to keep the inside cool during summer and warm during winter. Spending the night in a gassho-zukuri is a true Japanese experience.

Akiruno: Tokyo Urayama Wonderland, cycling experience

Near a train station, Tokyo Urayama Wonderland makes the perfect base for any Hinohara Village and Akiruno City exploration. Rent a bicycle—or other goods—and make your way through the area to discover local secrets.

Getting to Tama

Access Akiruno

From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Line and then the Ome Line to Haijima Station. Transfer to the Itsukaichi Line to Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.

Access Hinohara

From Shinjuku Station, take the JR Chuo Line and then the Ome Line to Haijima Station. Transfer to the Itsukaichi Line to Musashi-Itsukaichi Station; once there, take the bus to Motoshukuyakubamae Bus Stop.

Are you ready to rejuvenate your spirit in the hidden Tokyo wilderness? Visit TAMASHIMA.tokyo and discover how to plan your Tama travel.

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