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Kinosaki Onsen

Just a short train trip away from Kyoto or Osaka one can find Kinosaki Onsen, a peaceful, serene town surrounded by mountains and the sea.

Kinosaki Hot Springs

The idea of ambling around sans attire in front of friends or family might make you a tad nervous, but it's a very small bump on a lovely scenic road.

Wellness Park Goshiki

Wellness Park Goshiki on Awaji-shima, which is one to two hours away from Osaka, provides an escape from the busy city life to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen is famous for its seven hot springs. However, there are some small secrets that will make your stay here even more interesting and enjoyable.

Hyogo Top 10

Hyogo prefecture, often described as Japan in miniature, has a little bit of everything to offer. From food and view points, to onsen and castles - this is one prefecture not to miss.