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Nobeha no Yu Hot Springs Onsen

Located less than 20 minutes away from the city center, Nobeha no Yu offers a relaxing onsen experience in Osaka. This hot spring bathing facility has been gaining popularity and recommended as an alternative over Spa World.

Hyotan Hot Springs In Beppu

As a tourist with tattoos in Japan I have found it difficult to experience the benefits of a traditional Onsen. On many occasions I have not been able to enter the relaxing waters, at both public baths and Ryokans. Much to the disappointment of my body which had been carrying around a heavy backpack for weeks. However, all of that changed when I came across the Hyotan Hot Springs in Beppu.

Kappa no Yu Hot Springs

Kappa no Yu Hot Springs is a small onsen located in the functionally uninhabited Yagen Valley with clear blue hot spring water and a pool hewn out of a rocky river canyon

Hotel Ayabe Hot Springs

Wellbeing is not a new idea, it is as old as time itself. The highlight at Ayabe is the outdoor baths. With a modern infinity like edge, it looks something straight from a resort. The clean lines and minimalist monochrome decor invites you to sink into a state of deep relaxation. The view beyond the green hedge is of green valleys and mountains in the horizon, and if you are here in winter, the steam rising from the hot springs, combined with the snow topped mountains and a dusting of snow in the township makes for a magical sight.

Kinosaki Hot Springs

The idea of ambling around sans attire in front of friends or family might make you a tad nervous, but it's a very small bump on a lovely scenic road.