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Quickly becoming a popular tourist draw, Spa World is located in Shinsekai. No one can ever say Osakans aren't innovative in creating this over-the-top super sento!
Glitz, glamour, and gel nail grooming in Japan! Experience the unique gel nail style and friendly environment at one of Nail Quick's 70 locations across Japan. 
Shinjuku is known for being fast-paced and busy, but there are plenty of places to relax and indulge if you know where to look.
Jiyugaoka - An area enjoyed by Japan’s wealthier individuals. Here, you will find the famous “Jiyugaoka Clinic”, which offer “the most effective rejuvenation treatment without using a scalpel” (non-surgical, Botox, hyaluronic acid injection & special thread based ‘anti-sagging’ treatment)
Hawaiian Healing Salon Hokulani is the only government-licensed salon providing authentic Hawaiian Swedish (!) massage therapy in Tokyo.
Le Club GINZA offers professional hair styling in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Ginza.
Take a long relaxing soak in one of Yunessun’s several themed hot springs.
Jet Set Blow Dry Bar in Minami Azabu is reinventing the art and relaxation of hair shampooing/styling.