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Explore Tokyo: ‘Tokyo Tuttle Travel Pack’

Get the most out of your time in Tokyo

There are so many book options for tourists making it very hard to find the one just for you. Often the books are thick and heavy, trying to include every piece of information about the places in Tokyo. If you are sick of carrying around heavy books all day yet want all the key information, I have a good suggestion for you. The Tokyo Tuttle Travel Pack, with its thin and handy size, contains everything you need for a memorable trip to Japan.

One of the features of the book is its format. It was easy to follow and find the information you want with well sorted structure and chapters. The author first provides 13 ‘Don’t Miss Sights’ of Tokyo in Chapter 1 for readers to choose from. Not only did he cover the top attractions of Tokyo such as shopping centers in Harajuku and temples in Asakusa but he also considered activities such as a hike to Mount Takao, giving choices to readers who love to enjoy nature as well. In Chapter 2, the author starts to explain individual places in and outside of Tokyo. With this handy book, you could make your trip all the way from Congested Shinjuku to Seaside Kamakura to the hot spring baths in Hakone. You can even make it up to the ancient Nikko area. In Chapter 3, the author gives recommendations on hotels, restaurants, night spots, museums and places for kids. The book also comes with folded map of Tokyo for your convenience.

The way the author conveys information is also quite unique compared to other tourist books, as the author has a whole article with detailed information and photos for each section. Besides the place recommendations, the author tries to create an image of the places in the readers’ mind as well as convey the heritages of Japanese culture. Your journey to Tokyo can truly begin before you arrive by reading through the detailed journeys and explanations of the author.

I highly recommend this book to those visiting Tokyo for the first time as well as to long-term residents in Tokyo, since the author introduces plenty of recommendations in and outside of Tokyo.

For further information about the book, view on Amazon.

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Kylie Plester 8 years ago
Might just have to spend my points on this book for when I come to Tokyo next month. It sounds like a great little guide

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