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Traditional Shirakawa-go

The Historic Village of Shirakawa-go is one of Japan's World Heritage Sites. This beautifully quiet mountain village sits nestled in the mountains of Gifu-ken.

Slug Festival

A festival in rural Nakatsugawa dedicated to a monk and a mystery of nature on the anniversary of a death connected to forbidden love.

Gujo Odori

Gujo Odori is Japan's largest and one of the most famous dance festivals lasting thirty-two nights, three of which have dancing all night long. Everyone is welcome.

The Battle of Sekigahara

The Battle of Sekigahara in modern day Gifu Prefecture, fought between East and West Japan on October 21, 1600, was history’s bloodiest and most decisive samurai field battle.

Gifu Castle, Park and Ropeway

Gifu castle and Ropeway provides a marvelous view of Gifu City and the Naragarawa River from the top of Mt. Kinka. It was from this perch that Nobunaga tried to unify all of Japan.