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Bewitched by Awara Geisha

Enjoy Authentic Geisha Dance for just 3000 yen!

The other day I had the privilege of seeing an authentic Geisha performance in Awara Hotsprings in Fukui prefecture. And guess what? It only cost 3000 yen! The performance was held at a one-day hot spring, Saintpia Awara. The showcase lasted about 20 minutes, and the audience could enjoy authentic Geisha dancing, singing and shamisen performances.

I am a big fan of Japanese traditional dance, kimono, etc., so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! What I saw there was just wonderful, like I was witnessing a goddess' dance. I wanted to keep my eyes open as long as it lasted, but unfortunately, I was also taking pictures and couldn't do that. Next time I will! This onsen town also has events where you can try out Geisha games or costumes.

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