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Lights in the Moat at Fukui Castle

Annual summer illumination festival in Fukui city

At Fukui Castle Ruins an illumination event called 'Lights in the Moat' has been held in early summer for four years now. Although I've been living in Fukui for four years, I hadn't known, and I visited the event for the first time. I've seen the illuminated castle grounds a few times during cherry blossom season in spring, but this was quite different. There were many people there, but as this is Fukui, one of the most unpopulated cities of Japan, the crowd was not really a crowd, just more people than usual, so I never felt uncomfortable. There was a jazz band playing nice standard jazz numbers in front of the prefectural government office building, and everything looked different from the castle ruins I'd known. Great way of enjoying one summer night in Fukui!

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