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Plum Blossoms at Fukui Central Park

Pretty pink flowers heralding spring on a cold day!

Fukui's winter is long and cold. People here have to wait patiently for spring to come. I have waited, waited, waited for three long months. But still spring hasn't come. On one rare sunny day in early March I couldn't wait any longer, jumped out of my home into my car and drove to Fukui City Central Park, as one of my friends told me plum blossoms here were already blooming. YES! They were blooming! But it appeared that I came too early. It was still cold and two thirds of them were still waiting in a state of tight buds to bloom someday... Still, it was the first time for me to see plum blossoms in Fukui this year, and despite the cold they made me very happy! Spring is coming to Fukui finally!

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