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Japanese Kappo Cuisine Take, Fukui

Enjoy natural, fresh blowfish and crab in Fukui City!

Blowfish...is not one of my favorite fishes, as it doesn't have much taste, the meat is thin, and for all that, it's quite expensive. But as soon as I took a bite of Tessa (sliced raw blowfish) served in front of me here, I changed my mind. Hey, this is delicious! I wondered what those things were that I ate as blowfish so far...?! The thin, crispy sliced blowfish with a rich taste melted in my mouth! Later, I learned that this Japanese restaurant 'Take' is famous for its fresh seafood in Fukui, which only serves natural blowfish (not farmed). Although it takes a little bit courage to eat blowfish, as it contains poison and when cooked by an untrained chef your life could be threatened, if you have a daring heart, please visit here and have a try! The price is around 5,000 yen per person, depending on what you eat and drink.

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