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Fukui Kidoriya

Fluffy Miyazaki's famous broiled chicken in Fukui

I'm not a big fan of Miyazaki chicken as I once had a terrible experience where the chicken was as hard as charcoal. But when I arrived at this place and then hesitantly tried just one piece...Wow! What's this? Is this really from Miyazaki!? The chicken they serve here is unbelievably fluffy. The combination of its salty taste and savory charcoal scents is just amazing. The restaurant, 'Kidoriya', brings in fresh chicken everyday from Miyazaki, stocks various kinds of Sake/Shochu from Kyushu, and offers a wonderfully varied food menu. The price is about 3,000 yen/person. Although Fukui is famous for its fresh fish and crabs, if you'd prefer eating meat, this is THE place to go!

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