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Night-time Azalea Paradise in Fukui

Illuminated azaleas under the deep blue sky at twilight

Located in Sabae City, Fukui, Nishiyama Park is famous for its 50,000 azaleas which will fully bloom in May. However, I didn't know there was also a night-time light up of the park during azalea season. So one day during a Golden Week Holiday in early May, I visited the park to enjoy the illuminated azaleas for the first time. After appreciating the unexpectedly dramatic sunset over the western mountains, I strolled inside the park to take photos of the lit-up azaleas under deep-blue twilight sky. It was just magical and furthermore, I could capture Jupiter in the sky, too. If you visit Nishiyama Park at dusk in May, you can enjoy charming azaleas, a gorgeous sunset and the illuminated park at magical twilight...a threefold pleasure will be waiting for you!

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