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Sabae's Shinmei-en Hotel

A unique Japanese-style hotel in many, many ways

I loved this place, the Shinmei-en inn/hotel. I've been living in Japan since 1980, and it reminded me of the Japan of yesteryear. Consider: 1) No bath or toilet in my room; 2) Tatami mat floor; 3) Futon bed on the floor; 4) Japanese garden right outside my window; 5) Communal bath; 6) People walking around the hotel in yukata; 7) Breakfast consisting of fish, rice, miso soup, dried seaweed, green tea. Mind you, this is not a luxurious onsen hotel (where you might expect to find all of the above), but rather, just a nice local old-fashioned inn/hotel in a pretty rural town (Sabae) in Fukui Prefecture.

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