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Sub-Shrines of Kehi Jingu, Tsuruga

14 small shrines on the grounds of Kehi Jingu Shrine

On the grounds of Kehi Jingu Shrine in Tsuruga city, Fukui prefecture, there are 14 or more smaller shrines. Usually, when you go to any shrine you'll find other smaller shrines inside it, won't you? But what surprises you here is that these small shrines here are all very well-maintained and most of them have a respectable stone torii gate at each entrance. Not like some small shrines old and abandoned in the woods! I usually miss or ignore those shrines if they are obscure, but here, the whole premises is well designed so that if you follow the pathway you'll bump into them no matter how much you want to ignore them! So, if you visit Kehi Jingu Shrine, you'll be destined to visit these smaller ones, too! For other information about Kehi Jingu Shrine, please refer to the links below.

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