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Two Historical Ponds at Taicho-ji

The legendary 'First Bath Pond' and 'Thunder Pond'

There are two historically important ponds on the premises of Taicho-ji Temple in Fukui city. One is called, 'First Bath Pond', and the other is 'Thunder Pond'. When Taicho Daishi, a legendary Shugendo monk who founded this temple, was born in 682, he used this 'First Bath Pond' for his first bath as a new-born baby. This pond had been abandoned and buried by fallen leaves for a long time till someone found it in April of 1953. Just after a prayer was offered and the pond was cleaned, they had white snow in the entire area although it was spring...Really?! The other pond, 'Thunder Pond', has its own interesting story. One day when Taicho Daishi was practicing Zazen, thunder hit the place, and it is said that Taicho 'contained' the thunder in this pond. The entire area hasn't had thunder ever since...Really?! Anyway, don't miss the two legendary ponds if you visit this temple!

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