33 Kannon Statues at Taicho-ji

Make a pilgramage to achieve 48,000 days' happiness!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

The principal Buddhist image of Taicho-ji Temple in Fukui is the 'Kannon Bosatsu (Goddess of Mercy) with twelve hands', which was carved by the temple's founder, Taicho Daishi himself. There are also thirty-three Kannon statues in the temple grounds. It is said that if you visit all thirty-three of them here, you will be happy for 48,000 days. I did the math and that equals more than 131 years, which means my happiness for the rest of my life will be guaranteed. OK, deal! I made a pilgrimage to all thirty-three of them. But so far I don't feel any change in the happiness department of my life. I wonder what went wrong?!

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Takako Sakamoto

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