Taicho-ji Temple: A Jizo Paradise

Say hello to the million small jizo statues here!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

Taicho-ji Temple in Fukui is the birthplace of the famous Shugendo monk, Taicho, who founded this temple at his birthplace just before he departed for climbing Mount Haku in 717. So, when I visited here, I just expected to see some temple buildings and Taicho-related artifacts. But what I found instead were countless jizo statues that stood in and outside the temple. Just beside the parking lot I found a 'cemetery' of broken jizo statues, which were casually piled up in a field. Then at the temple entrance I met six jizo statues, and another group of jizo statues. Inside the temple grounds there are many groups of them scattered around the vast forest. If you are a fan of jizo statues, this is the place for you to meet many of them!

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Takako Sakamoto

Takako Sakamoto @takako.sakamoto

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