How To Visit Nokonoshima Island in Fukuoka

The perfect place for a mini-adventure!

By Micaela Braithwaite    - 1 min read

Fukuoka is one prefecture that is best enjoyed during the summer when you can spend time outside in a beautiful climate! Nokonoshima Island is one area in Fukuoka that is certainly worth a visit.

Now that it's getting warmer, Nokonoshima is highly recommended for a one-day getaway from the city. The best thing is that the island is not far at all, only 10 minutes by ferry!

The cost to get out there is reasonable as well at less than five dollars round trip. Whether you want to explore, hang out by the water, take photos, organize a picnic, or even just find a scenic spot to sit down and read a book, this island is the perfect place for a mini-adventure!

You can learn more about Nokonoshima here!

Instructions on how to get there:

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