Photo: Note Thanun
Oct 5th
Oct 9th
Photo: Note Thanun

Shokuniku Festival 2023

Kyushu's largest meat event

Asano Shiokaze Park
Oct 5th - Oct 9th 2023

If you're a meat lover, the Shokuniku Festival in Fukuoka is an event you shouldn't miss. Billed as the largest meat-based event in all of Kyushu, the festival is set to include a variety of delicious dishes that attendees can try.

You can scope out the menu ahead of time on the official event website, but it includes things like Nagasaki wagyu beef bowls, Matsusaka beef burgers, and even beef tongue skewers.

Please note that per the frequently asked questions section on the event website, cash won't be accepted at the event – payments for any food or drink items will need to be done with electronic money cards.

Getting there

The event takes place at Asano Shiokaze Park, which is located under 5 minutes on foot from Kokura Station. The station is served by several lines, including the San'yō Shinkansen, the Kagoshima Main Line, the Nippō Main Line, and the Kokura Line.

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