Aizu Hongo Morning Pottery Market 2024

Enjoy buying pottery in the predawn morning hours

Venue: Aizu Misato When: Early Aug 2024

For pottery enthusiasts, the Aizu Hongo Pottery Market is a must! The area of Hongo in the town of Aizu Misato in Fukushima prefecture is famous for its many pottery shops, where you can buy beautiful works, or even try your hand at making your own. This pottery market, usually the first Sunday of August, starts at four in the morning, and closes at noon. But many of the most popular stalls sell out far before then, and visitors must arrive early to get the best deals and selection. It was an interesting experience arriving in the predawn hours and shopping for pottery in the dark, and I was able to get great discounts on some beautiful handmade pottery!

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Kim 2 years ago
What a way to start a day! I'd love to visit this.

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