Kitakata Sake Breweries Walk

Sip and stroll through 12 sake breweries in one day

May 27th
Venue: Kitakata City When: Saturday - May 27th 2017, 10:00am - 5:00pm

Kitakata City in Fukushima Prefecture is famous for its ramen, boasted as one of the Top 3 Ramen in the country. However, fewer people know the area produces amazing sake in both quality and quantity. To introduce the many sake breweries, see Kitakata townscape, and sample the various sake, the “Searching for Kitakata Sake Breweries Leisure Walk” (喜多方酒蔵探訪のんびりウォーク) will be held on May 27.

Participants will be able to walk around town visiting 12 sake breweries. Each offers tastings, shopping, and viewing of the sake producing facilities. Check-in and event finish at the open square in front of JR Kitakata Station. Participants must be healthy and over 20 years of age (the drinking age in Japan).

Although everyone is welcome, keep in mind English support is limited and the application process is only in Japanese. To apply, fill out the form and email by May 19th.

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Justin Velgus

Justin Velgus @justin.velgus

Justin Velgus (ジャスティン ベルガス) is a long-term resident and promoter in the Tohoku region. He has been a content producer for since 2012 and was the Miyagi Prefecture Regional Partner 2013-2015. Justin’s over 300 published travel and culture articles come from a background of studying in Akita, teaching English in Miyagi through the JET Program, and promoting sake overseas for the government of Fukushima. Justin now does tourism promotion in Sendai, the gyutan capital of the world.

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