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Before Hiking: Morning View in Oze

Misty view from the base of Mt. Shibutsu

Morning mist blankets the Oze marshland at the foot of the mountain as the sun rises. At 5:30 a.m., the whole scene is covered in a translucent veil of light draped over the trees, flowers and the mountain-accented horizon.

At this time during late July, the view at the base of Mt. Shibutsu (至仏山) in the early morning is nearly as spectacular as the view from the mountain top. Mt. Shibutsu, located in Gunma Prefecture, separates Oze marsh and the rest of the prefecture.

It's one of the mountains located in Oze National Park. The park is a refreshing retreat from the hot Japanese summer. These photos were taken before the 5.5-hour hike up and down the mountain.