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Mount Haruna, Gunma

Mount Haruna, Gunma

Peter Bungate

Driving in Japan: A driver's experience of Mount Haruna (榛名山) in Gunma Prefecture. The real-life Mount Akina from Initial D.

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Minakami River Rafting

Minakami River Rafting

Rufus Starbuck

Riding the rapids through the Gunma mountains on a whitewater rafting tour on the Tone River. First part of a full day of adventure..

Nakazawa Village

Nakazawa Village


Located only a 15 minute walk away from the heart of Kusatsu town, Nakazawa Village is a hotel and hot spring resort boasting ..

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Joshuyuno Lake 7

Joshuyuno Lake

Dorothee Tsunoda

Go to Joshuyuno Lake following a great alternative route to Kusatsu or Chatsubomi-goke Moss Park. It is an interesting place and..

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