Fields of purple at the Tambara Lavender Park (Photo: PR Times)

Lavender Season at the Tambara Lavender Park

Fields of purple at this Gunma Gem

Mid Jul
Late Aug
Fields of purple at the Tambara Lavender Park (Photo: PR Times)
Venue: Tambara Lavender Park When: Mid Jul - Late Aug 2022

Japan's most well-known summertime lavender fields are likely to be those at Furano in Hokkaido, but there are numerous other options to enjoy a sea of purple across the country. One such option is at Gunma's Tambara Lavender Park, which is typically at its best from early July through until late August.

Along with the array of floral beauty to enjoy, the park has a range of lavender infused products available for purchase, such as soaps, face toners, and hand sanitizer gels. For the foodies out there, don't miss the lavender soft serve ice cream, soba noodles, or lavender scones!

Getting there

The Tambara Lavender Park is located approximately 19km (about 30 minutes driving time) from the Kanetsu Expressway's Numata IC. Free on-site parking is available for up to 2000 vehicles.

For those using public transportation, there are bus services from both Numata Station and Jomo Kogen Station to the lavender park. Pricing and timetable information can be found on the park's official website.

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Lynda Hogan a year ago
I almost went last week! But decided to stick with my self imposed "Saitama Only" until the pandemic is over. Something to look forward to next year :-)
Elena Lisina a year ago
Have never seen lavender fields yet. Lavender soba is something! :D