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Kusatsu Choju Ten

The "Shop of Long Life" is a sweet find in Gunma

After watching a demonstration o yumomi and taking a dip in one of the onsen baths, you’ll likely find yourself strolling the quaint side streets of Kusatsu for a bite to eat. There are many restaurants to try, with their subdued noren rippling in the wind, but before ducking into one, try taking in the sights and smells of the many snack vendors in town. One especially to take note of is Kusatsu Choju Ten, literally meaning “shop of long life,” with its friendly staff handing out green tea and manju to passersby. Their manju flavors include green tea, sweet red bean and hazelnut. I tried in vain to walk past the later in the day, hoping for another free sample of the dessert. Though they remembered me and could only limit one per customer, the manju were so delicious it took a lot not to buy the whole shop.

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