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Misato Plum Festival

Enjoy a bounty of blossoms in Gunma

Venue: Misato Bairin, Takasaki, Gunma When: Feb 25th - Mar 31st 2024

The Misato Plum Festival is held every year from late February to late March, and it's one of Gunma Prefecture's largest plum blossom events. Around 100,000 plum trees are planted on a hill overlooking the Kanto Plain, and during the blooming season the area is covered in white blossoms that are reminiscent of a sea of clouds.

Along with all of the blossoms to enjoy, the event will also include a number of stalls selling plum-based specialty products.

Please note that for the 2024 season, there is a specific start date for the event (February 25th) but the end date is simply listed as late March. Bear this in mind if you plan on visiting, as the peak blooming period may have passed by the end of the month.

Getting there

The Misato Plum Grove can be accessed in around 30 minutes driving time from the Maebashi Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway.

For those visiting via public transport, the plum grove is about 25 minutes by taxi from Takasaki Station.

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