Nakanojo Station

The station closest to Shima and Sawatari Onsen

By Aline Laborde    - 1 min read

JR East Nakanojo Station is positioned in the town of Nakanojo, Gunma prefecture. First built in 1945, Nakanojo Station possesses the simple station structure:two platforms, toilets, coin lockers, a waiting room, a small convenience store and a ticket booth.

If you are not sure what to do, there are local Nakanojo tour guide volunteers who are more than happy to show you the best places to see. There are also a bus that carries you to Shima Onsen and another bus that transport you to Sawatari Onsen in 20 minutes.

The station is serviced by the Agatsuma line and the Kusatsu express. If you ever find yourself in Gunma prefecture, why not catch the Agatsuma line and see what Nakanojo station has to offer?

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