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Regardless of the content type or format, our community of partners, editors and Content Managers will moderate activity around the site on a regular basis.

Site Content

  • We'll make quick fixes, correct typos, remove redundant words and occasionally re-phrase for clarity, but we won't re-write or correct whole articles. This is definitely worth bearing in mind when translating, as we'll insist you are of native written level in order to have your submissions published to the site.
  • We reserve the right to remove photos that are redundant or of insufficient quality. We'll also re-arrange photos to best represent the content.
  • We reserve the right to make minor changes to texts on the site – if it's a major change, we'll try to discuss it with individual authors in the first instance.
  • Regarding JapanTravel Questions, we'll routinely moderate both questions and answers published to the site.


We routinely moderate comments on the site. Comments should be in the language of the site you are on.

If you want to flag a query or feedback to the author or content staff, please email us instead.

Notice: We operate a website specifically about travel to Japan and from the beginning have committed not to take any stance over non-travel events and issues.

We ask for your co-operation in respecting our desire for neutrality and to post your political views on other more appropriate fora. Irrelevant comments may be removed.

Neutrality does not mean we support ignorance, and you may find open-topic comment policies on other Japan sites welcome you to post your views.


We moderate profiles on the site. Although we are not ultimately responsible for their content, we'll intervene if there are inappropriate or offensive photos, text or links.

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