Step 3: Photos

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The next step is to upload photos to Japan Travel.

Step 3

We accept a variety of image formats, but please bear in mind:

  • Maximum individual file size is 20 MB
  • Maximum batch file size is 200 MB

Note: we resize all photos to make sure they are optimised for the web.

Please review our Photo Rules if uploading to Japan Travel for the first time.

Photo options

After uploading, you'll come across several options:

  • Caption - try to provide a detailed description of the photo
  • Credit checkbox - by default, all uploaded photos are credited to you so please override this for any photo you have not taken
    • Credit name: provide the credit author and type of license if attribution is required.
    • Credit URL: if required by the attribution rules, you can enter a link back to the credit source.
    • Credit type: select the license from the list.

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