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Hiroshima's Hillside Torii Gates

A trail of bright red along the Peace Pagoda trail

Think of Japan and along with the stereotypical images of geishas, sushi and cherry blossoms, bright red gates with black inscriptions are sure to come to mind. These red gates are known as 'torii gates' and can often be found at the entrance to Shinto shrines. It is believed that torii gates serve as a divider between the earthly world and the spirit world - signifying that the land on which they rest is sacred. Kinko Inari Shrine, right behind the Tōshō-gū Shrine, marks the entrance to the start of Hiroshima's Peace Pagoda trail. The string of around 100 bright red torii gates creates a mesmerizing walking path from the shrine up the mountain, weaving through trees and taking you on a historical journey passing many smaller shrines. The vibrant red torii gates will draw you in and make you want to wander under their path for hours.

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