Miyajima's Impressive Rakan Statues

Seeing the island with fresh eyes - 2

By Larry Knipfing   Feb 13, 2015 - 2 min read

If you love Buddhist statues, you're going to love Miyajima. Head straight for Daisho-in Temple, and be prepared to spend half a day. There are hundreds of statues here, mainly two types. There are cute small jizo statues that I will introduce in my next photo story, and there is also a collection of 500 rakan statues. They deeply impressed me. Why? Each statue represents a Buddhist monk who was an actual disciple of Shaka (Buddha). Look at their faces carefully. Each one is totally unique. In them, we can see every conceivable human trait and emotion: wisdom, pain, happiness, fulfillment, frustration, intelligence, and pride. I think there was also one who is blind, but I'm not absolutely sure about that one. See if you can find him when you visit...

Miyajima Island Series

1. A Few Days at Miyajima

2. Miyajima's Impressive Rakan Statues 3. Miyajima's Very Cute Jizo Statues

4. Mysterious Miyajima at Night 5. Otherwordly Miyajima at Night

6. Itsukushima Shrine at Low Tide 7. Itsukushima Shrine at High Tide

8. Mt. Misen 9. Momijidani Park

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