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Highlights of Miyajima Island

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Beginning in June 2019, the large torii gate of Itsukushima will be covered for renovations until sometime in 2020.

Latest on Itsukushima Shrine

Miyajima has been known as an island of God for 1400 years. And the island itself has been worshiped by people all over Japan: The prominent Buddhist monk, Kukai, stopped by Mt. Misen in Miyajima and lit a sacred fire in 806. Tairano Kiyomori (samurai and political leader; 1118-1181) sponsored the building of the "Shrine on the Sea" perhaps in around 1168. Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), one of Japan's preeminent warrior commanders, ordered the construction of Senjokaku Hall in 1578 for the repose of the war dead.

Itsukushima Shrine, “the Shrine on the Sea” nestled in at the foot of the deep forest of Mt. Misen, was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It now attracts people from all over the world.

The places I introduce in this video (and links) are listed below:

  1. Itsukushima Shrine
  2. Senjokaku & Five-story Pagoda
  3. Café “Kakiwai”
  4. Momijidani Park
  5. Hiking Mt. Misen
  6. Daisho-in Temple
  7. The 500 Rakan Statues

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