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Where God & Humans Coexist

Mysterious shrine looming in the dark

Miyajima Island in Aki (Aki-no Miyajima) is a sacred island which is represented by Itsukushima Shrine.

On July 26th this year, after taking photos of the sunset in sweltering heat, I waited for the dark night to arrive. Little by little tourists went back to their hotels and silence enveloped the beach that had been bustling with crowds just a while ago. The tide came in, and a quarter of the big torii pillars was underwater, along with the shrine buildings that were submerged up to the floors. This mysterious landscape was designed to create one magnificent garden, with the shrine buildings floating in the vast Seto Inland Sea as a garden pond.

To me, it seemed like gods were residing on this sacred island, and we, humans, should not violate it.

Sublime Shrine Floating in the Sea 1. Miyajima: God's Island 2. Sunset Road On The Sea 3. Where God & Humans Coexist