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Miyajima: God's Island

Sublime corridor floating on the sea

Sublime shrine buildings and brilliant symmetrical corridors floating in the Seto Inland Sea - that's Miyajima.

In ancient times when Heishi (Taira Clan) was at the peak of its power, Heishi built this shrine to enshrine their guardian god and worshipped it. During high tide, the buildings appear to be floating in the sea, which is a divine sight to behold. I have visited here, Aki-no Miyajima, three times in the past, to see the brilliant vermilion big torii under the sunshine, the sunset reflection on the water which resembles the radiant road on the sea, and the mysterious shrine buildings looming in the dark. I took photos of the buildings carefully while paying great attention to the natural light. Enjoy the difference between the Itsukushima Shrine you know, and what I captured in the photos here. (Photos were taken at the end of September, 2010)

Sublime Shrine Floating in the Sea 1. Miyajima: God's Island 2. Sunset Road On The Sea 3. Where God & Humans Coexist