Farm Tomita, Furano

A paradise for flower lovers

 By Nicole Bauer   Sep 20, 2012

Farm Tomita is a fascinating flower farm near Furano in central Hokkaido. The focus clearly lies on the cultivation of lavender and the production of original lavender essential oil; however, you can enjoy all kinds of beautiful and perfectly aligned flowers outside the winter months. I went there in the middle of September and it was still so beautiful. Go there in July for the lavender fields, this must be absolutely spectacular—and don't forget to try the lavender soft ice cream!

Photography by Nicole Bauer
Japan Travel Member

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Stephanie 3 years ago
Furano is one of my favorite places in Hokkaido. I think these vibrant color combinations is really unique to see in Japan. When I visited, I tried the lavender ice cream. At first I was a bit surprised, but then really enjoyed its light flavor.
Nicole Bauer Photographer 5 years ago
Unfortunately I didn't taste the lavender ice cream, but we had a wonderful vegetable curry on the terrace of the farm—no lavender flavor though, but delicious seasonable veggies (potatoes, pumkin, carrot, broccoli etc.!) :-))
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
Oh I see... That sounds practical enough. Lavender ice cream! Hmmm... that one's new to me. I wonder how it taste like. I've read that lavender scent has a healing effect for migraine.
Nicole Bauer Photographer 5 years ago
Tyra, let's say it like this, lavender is their main focus. They became famous for the production of original lavender essential oil and you can buy almost anything with a lavender fragance or flavor (soda water, ice cream, soaps etc). However, they make sure to plant a great variety of other flowers too, so that's it's worth visiting even outsite the main lavender season.
Unfortunately I don't know the names of the other flowers. There were signs, in Japanese plus the botanical name; however, I don't remember, sorry!
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
So, majority of the plants in the farm are Lavander? What are the names of those red and yellow flowers?