Homac Kutchan

A Handy DIY Store

By Chris Barnes    - 1 min read

Homac is a do-it-yourself (DIY) store located on Route 5 on the edge of Kutchan town. Its wares are much more comprehensive than one might suspect. It is very popular with seasonal workers at the nearby Hirafu Ski Resort Village and offers almost everything you need for the home as well as tools, basic apparel, pet supplies, car oils and fluids, BBQ's and raw building materials. The range of products offered changes with the season allowing property owners in the Niseko region to fix up, winterize or maintain their homes year round. Other items include a huge range of hardware, cooking utensils, gardening equipment, plants, pet supplies, furniture, bedding, snow clearing tools, basic electronics, building materials and more. I have spent two winter seasons in Hirafu and have needed to visit this store many a time. Homac is open 09:30 ~ 20:00 daily.

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