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Kezudenki Kutchan

The Largest Electronic Store in the Niseko Region

Kezudenki (K's Denki) is a national chain of electronics stores and the largest in the Niseko region. The store is located on the outskirts of Kutchan, in the Takasago neighborhood, and is an extremely useful store to those living and visiting in the Niseko region.

Japan is notorious for having huge electronics stores. Anyone who has visited the larger chain stores in Tokyo & Osaka can justifiably feel a little overwhelmed at the sheer size and scope of products. Whilst the range of products is second to none, it can get quite frustrating having to navigate up to seven floors of retail space.

One thing I really like about K's Denki is the inviting atmosphere you feel as you walk through the doors. The shop features large aisles and good signage to ensure you find what you're looking for in a matter of minutes, with plenty of staff to help if you're unsure. K's Denki does have a huge range of products, although thanks to it's clean and accessible single level layout, your shopping experience is likely to be a little less daunting.

Like most electronic stores in Japan, K's Denki specializes in home and office goods such as computers, printers, mobile phones, still and video cameras, kitchen appliances, beauty products, white-goods, car products, stationery, hobby supplies, flat-screen televisions and a range of seasonal products. To compliment this range, K's Denki also offers an extensive range of accessories to suit each item they sell.

Having spent the previous two winters in Niseko, I have often found this store a life-saver, so to speak, when it comes to camera accessories, uncommon batteries, and everyday power cords and adapters. I often shop online to get better prices but found that K's Denki prices were very similar to what online competitors offer with the added convenience of having a store that I could browse, compare and get immediate assistance if necessary. Although the staff do not speak very good English, they have always been very polite and helpful, and can usually understand what you're looking for with the help of a little sign language or picture illustrations.

If you're in need of electronics during your visit to Niseko, you'll more than likely find what you're looking for at K's Denki and save yourself a one hour drive in the process. If you can navigate the Japanese only website, you can also purchase goods using the online shop. K's Denki is located slightly south of the Shiribetsu river, on the intersection of Route 5 & Route 478 and is open 10:00 ~ 20:00 daily.

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