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Pokémon Fossil Museum

Limited-time fossil fun at Hokkaido's Mikasa City Museum

By Kim    - 1 min read
Venue: Mikasa City Museum, Hokkaido When: Jul 4th - Sep 20th 2021

The Mikasa City Museum in Hokkaido is known for its collection of fossils, so it seems only fitting that a modern form of fossil exhibition is taking place here until September 20th. The Pokémon Fossil Museum aims to make learning about paleontology fun by showcasing 'fossils' of these fictional characters alongside the real deal from other animals.

After the Hokkaido event the exhibition will move onto Shimane in autumn of 2021, the National Science Museum in Tokyo during spring of 2022, and Aichi's Toyohashi Museum of Natural History in summer of 2022.

Getting there

The Mikasa City Museum is located approximately 20 minutes from the Mikasa interchange on the Hokkaido Expressway.

For those who are visiting via public transport, head to the JR Iwamizawa station, and from there take the Hokkaido Chuo Bus Mikasa line bound for Ikushunbetsucho until the end of the route. From there, the museum is just five minutes away on foot.

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Lynda Hogan 3 months ago
Pikachu is bound to pique the interest in fossils in Hokkaido!!
Justin Velgus 3 months ago
Anyway to trick, I mean "encourage" kids to learn is great. This looks really fun for families.
Kim Author 3 months ago
I thought the same thing, it's a really innovative way to pique the interest of kiddos out there!