The Forest Clock (Mori no Tokei)

Gorgeous cafe that sits in a forest of pine trees

 By Valerie Kor   Nov 28, 2013

The Forest Clock (Mori no Tokei) is famed for being the drama location of Yasashi Jikan, but regardless of whether you know or have seen the drama, you would definitely be drawn by its charm. Surrounded by a forest of pine trees, it looks beautiful in any season, be it against the backdrop of lush green foliage, or covered in white powder snow. Grab a seat at the bar counter and the barista will prepare you a great cup of drip coffee... provided you ground the coffee beans yourself! The cosy interior coupled with awesome views from the cafe's large windows qualify it as one of the most gorgeous cafes I have ever been to. 

Photography by Valerie Kor
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina 3 months ago
I've watched that dorama with Ninomiya Kazunari and I'd like to visit it some day!
Victoria Vlisides 10 months ago
Looks cool! Is it an easy walk to get there?
Valerie Kor Photographer 6 months ago
Apologies for the late reply! You may need a car to get around Furano. I took a taxi. :)