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Trans-Hokkaido Autumn Foliage Chase

Go north on Route 38 and enjoy Japan's earliest autumn!

Around October 20th in 2011, I visited Hokkaido with my friends.

Although I went there three years ago, I still have a clear memory of this trip in my mind. I enjoyed the short autumn on the vast northern land. In particular, I can't forget the magnificent view of Mt. Tokachi I saw from the hills of Biei - with her head covered with snow, she was just beautiful.

We landed at Chitose Airport, drove north on Route 38 via Shimukappu, and traveled through Hokkaido. On the way back we dropped by at Monbetsu city, and returned to Chitose Airport. We traveled quite a long distance in a very short time, but like us, autumn on this northern land comes and goes very quickly! So, come quick, otherwise you'll miss it!