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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Octagon-shaped Chinese building in Maiko Park

On a sunny day in October 2014, I spent the whole day in Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park, to join the 'Great Akashi Strait Bridge World Tour (to climb to the top of the bridge)'. I was here from morning till late night just looking at this bridge. However, it wasn't just the bridge I saw here.

There was clear blue sky and blue ocean, and also this fascinating building, 'Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall' to see. This Chinese building is dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, the 'Father of Xinhai Revolution'.

Although I don't know much about Sun Yat-sen, despite the current foreign diplomacy and political situation, only a selfless, true revolutionary like him can be called a great person worthy of respect. That must have been the reason why there were many people in Japan who supported him.

Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park Series 1. Dream Lens 2. Inside Great Akashi Strait Bridge 3. The View from Great Akashi Bridge 4. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 5. Akashi Sunset 6. Light-Up of Akashi Strait Bridge

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