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Kuji Historical Folk Museum

In depth look at Kuji's distinctive history - for free!

When you see this building for the first time, you may not think that it is a museum. Referred to as Kuji Historic Folk Museum (Kuji-shi Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan), this building has many impressive collections that can give a clue as to what life was like in Kuji in the past. There are four main exhibition halls. The first exhibition hall displays many collections of iron and steel that were produced in Kuji. Maybe not many people are aware of the fact that Kuji was formerly a major producer of iron and steel. Going to the next exhibition hall, you will come across exhibits relating to famous people who came from Kuji with various kinds of professions. From teachers, poets, to politicians. Go on to the third exhibition hall, and you will see ancient pottery that dates from the pre-historic era. Last but not least, you will find many household items donated by local people from Kuji that have a strong connection with the area.

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