Shodoshima New Sake Festival 2025

Sample sake and more at Shodoshima's only sake brewery

Venue: Morikuni Sake Brewery, Shodoshima When: Late Mar 2025

The Morikuni Sake Brewery is the only sake brewery on Shodoshima, and they host an annual sake festival to celebrate their products. The festival includes brewery tours along with tastings and sales of limited-edition new sake, sake lees, and amazake (a sweet low/no alcohol drink made from fermented rice).

Photo: Shodoshima Sake Brewery

Along with the sake and sake-related products available to sample or purchase, the event will also include a flea market with local foods on offer, music performances, and a kids corner where the younger ones can play.

Photo: Shodoshima Sake Brewery

There is no admission fee to browse the event, but do bring some yen if you plan on making a purchase.

Getting there

The Morikuni Sake Brewery can be accessed in 20 minutes by car from Ikeda Port, or around 30 minutes by car from Tonosho Port.

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