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Ebina Minna Summer Festival

Summer fun for everyone in Kanagawa

Venue: Ebina Chuo Park and Vina Walk When: Late Jul 2024

One of the highlights of summer in Japan is the vibrant festival culture, and the Ebina Minna Festival is a great event to check out in Kanagawa Prefecture. Minna is an informal way to say "everyone" in Japanese, so it's very much a family-friendly affair suitable for all ages.

The event is set to include traditional bon odori dancing, various stage performances, nostalgic fair games such as target shooting, ring throwing, and yo-yo fishing, and a host of food carts where you can grab a bite to eat or drink.

Photo: Odakyu SC Development Co., Ltd.

Please note that while admission to the event itself is free, there are charges for food, drink, and some of the fair games. Bring along some yen if you plan on making a purchase.

Getting there

The majority of event activities take place at Ebina Chuo Park (listed as Ebina Central Park on Google Maps), which can be accessed in around 5 minutes on foot from Ebina Station – take the east exit.

Vina Walk is also hosting some activities, and it is located just a minute on foot from the park.


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