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Factory Night Cruise in Yokohama

Unconventional Cruise of Illuminated Factory Landscape

Have you ever driven over the Yokohama Bay Bridge at night and gazed upon the illuminated factories and billowing smoke stacks? Did you know that you can take a night cruise into the mysterious canals to view the action up close? The Factory Night Jungle Cruise is not your typical romantic journey by candlelight in a luxury setting, but an adventure to peek into what the night owls are doing. The 90-minute Keihin industrial tour is another unique experience you can take away from Japan with you, especially for photographers and thrill seekers alike.

I have been on numerous cruises before but never did they require putting a life jacket on prior to boarding. Needless to say, I was getting a little nervous! But I was a trooper and proceeded to follow the other risk takers. The seating capacity is about 50 passengers with the option of seating inside or out. We chose to keep it adventurous and sat stern side. It was a chilly autumn night so my beanie, gloves and a wool coat came in handy; blankets are provided for extra comfort.

Having worked at a few manufacturing facilities in my career, the scale of the industrial landscape and engineering was interesting and quite impressive. Especially when you travel towards the spectacular Yokohama Bay Bridge. What a beauty from this angle and so enormous! It definitely started a frenzy of excitement and everyone began to position and plant themselves to capture the best photos for the rest of the night. Under the moonlit sky, the rest of the journey included views of the oil refineries and tankers, the skillful crane operators moving the large shipping containers, and the intricate design of illumination. At one point, the Captain stopped the boat so you can walk to the bow to check out the scenery in the dark mysterious setting. With very little legroom and a tiny rail to hold on, I was thankful for my life vest at that very moment!

If you can handle the swaying of a small boat and enjoy watching shows like the Discovery Channel’s “How it’s Made,” this cruise should be right up your alley. Or, if you have already had your fill of visiting temples and shrines surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, you might be ready to try something unconventional. At 4,500 yen per adult, it includes a sweet cocktail and could just be the next rendezvous for Halloween!

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Kojo-moe is a niche, but there can be some strangely beautiful sights.

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