Wine bath (Photo: Wine bath – PoohPoohPoohsan / CC BY-NC 2.0)
Wine bath (Photo: Wine bath – PoohPoohPoohsan / CC BY-NC 2.0)
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Hot Spring Resort Yunessun

Wine, coffee, green tea and sake spas!

Surrounded by abundant nature, Yunessun is a beautiful and relaxing hot spring spa resort located in Hakone. You can experience over twenty-five different water attractions including hot springs, spas, saunas and water slides. However be warned, because it gets extremely crowded on weekends and holidays, so think twice about those times. I made the mistake of going on a public holiday and found myself queuing for an hour and a half just to enter. To top it off, the hot springs were jam packed with people so space was tight. Not exactly the relaxing day trip I had in mind.

With that said, it is still a great place to visit because the resort offers unique bathing experiences you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Some of the main attractions are the eye-catching wine, coffee, green tea and sake spas, which all contain the real stuff. You can also relax in a more traditional setting by visiting the ancient Roman baths or Turkish Hamam. If you feel like adding some excitement to the mix, then you can have a go on the water slides to get your heart rate going. Finally, you can relax in the steaming sauna room and give your pores a workout.

The great thing about Yunessun is its cash-less payment system, where you are given a wireless digital wristband to pay for things. This means you don’t have to worry about carrying your possessions or getting them wet. Once you leave the resort you drop off your wrist band and pay for what you have spent via vending machine. Convenient or what?

There is plenty more to do apart from the aquatic attractions, such as browsing through their very own mall, treating yourself at the massage salon, dining at one of several restaurants, or having some fun at the recreation center.

Hakone is considered the most popular hot spring resort area in Japan, and Yunessun takes full advantage of this fact by providing a unique and soothing experience (as long as it’s not a weekend).

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